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Nils Flaaten er tildelt Riesling Fellowship Award

Nils Flaaten fra importør selskapet Flaaten Vin ble igår tildelt Riesling Fellowship Award i Berlin. 
I 32 år har Nils Flaaten drevet import selskapet Flaaten Vin, som ble grunnlagt i 1893. Han har utviklet firmaet til et av de viktigste importør selskapene i hele Norge. Etter å ha sluttet seg til familiebedriften i 1987, ble han den første vinhandleren i Norge til å inkludere Mosel Riesling fra berømte tyske eiendommer i sin portefølje. Idag har han 60 viner fra ulike tyske vinregioner i sin portefølje.

Her følger pressemelding fra Deutsche Weininstitut 

DWI honours four new Riesling Fellows at the Berlin Reichstag

On the 1st April at the Berlin Reichstag, the German Wine Institute (DWI) awarded the four new Riesling Fellows Lars Daniëls from the Netherlands, Nico Knott from Belgium, Nils Flaaten from Norway and Tomasz Prange-Barczyński from Poland for their international services to the Riesling and the German wine category. "Their notable work to enhance the image and reputation of the leading German grape variety outside Germany makes them obvious choices to be included in the circle of distinguished Riesling Fellows, which is now 30 worldwide," said Monika Reule, Managing Director of the DWI. She celebrated the four new Fellows together with the German Wine Queen, Carolin Klöckner.

Lars Daniëls is editor-in-chief of the Dutch wine magazine Perswijn and has written numerous articles on German wine. He is also a lecturer at the Dutch Academy of Wine with a focus on wine from German wine-growing regions.

Nico Knott runs his own wine shop in Belgium which has a focus on German wine regions. His reputation as a German wine expert with in-depth knowledge of the diverse winemaking regions is widely acknowledged throughout Belgium.

Nils Flaaten operates one of the most important wine and spirit importers in Oslo. At the beginning of the 90s he was mocked for his commitment to German wine. However, as German products became more and more popular and Riesling's image began to change, Nils had already made a name for himself and today is considered one of the leading German wine experts in Norway.

Tomasz Prange-Barczyński is one of the most renowned wine critics, wine writers and wine judges in Poland. As an editor and author, he has contributed to over 500 radio productions on the subject of wine. He also writes about wine in lifestyle magazines and has produced a number of successful wine programmes for Polish television. As a dedicated advocate of German wines – particularly Riesling – Tomasz has been instrumental in developing the reputation of German wine in Poland.

The German Wine Institute has been honouring Riesling Fellows in Europe, the USA and Asia since 2013.Yesterday, for the first time, the awards ceremony took place in Berlin and celebrated a circle of Riesling Fellows which now includes 30 personalities from 10 different countries. Seven current Riesling Fellows, together with a number of Generation Riesling winemakers and over 40 wine experts from all over the world, attended the awards ceremony in the Reichstag.

The awards ceremony was also attended by distinguished guests and notable governmental representatives: Andrzej Pryzylebski (Ambassador of the Republic of Poland), Junhui Zang (Minister of the People's Republic of China), Kenichi Matsuda (Minister of the Japanese Embassy), MdBs Gustav Herzog (patron of the event) and Jan Metzler.

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